We focus on customer interaction intelligent management, data mining and analysis

Customer interaction intelligent management. Most of the business activity initiated based on conversation and interaction between two representatives. This kind of conversation and interaction is happening hundreds of millions times each day. The conversation and interaction include multidimensional information which will affect the revenue of company such as service experience, business opportunity, market trend, customer feedback, etc. Our core business is to record each conversation and interaction and discover the value by data mining. The technology and solution provided can help company to discover more value from the interpersonal communication and interaction.

VoiceCyber was established in 2001, is a solution provider that focusing on customer interaction intelligent management. Our solution users covered industries such as banking, insurance, fund management, government service, telecommunications, public utility, public security, power and energy, transportation, and other industries. Company headquarter was established in Shanghai, subsidiary companies were established in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. Sales and services network are spread all over the world including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. VoiceCyber has been dedicated to providing a complete intelligent security and compliance management solution to Greater China and other Asian regions.


Data mining and analysis. Interactions between all regulated users required to be captured and recorded the to help corporations strengthen the supervision of employees’ operational behavior and better workflow management Recorded data can be categorized managed, mining statistics, discovering value, repay to organization, triggering optimization, and leading changes. This better ensure the safety and compliance of organizations and form an evolution from data recording to management changes.

With years of accumulated industry experience, VoiceCyber has established good customer base in the contact center management market. We have always believed that customer interaction must not be limited to the telephony system, but in every corner of the organization. We have been putting effort to record and centralized manage and data generated from office phone to contact center, from retail store to face-to-face, from voice communication to text communication and from computer screen to video.


Empowered by artificial intelligence technology. With the continuous development of modern artificial intelligence technology, more and more media data analysis methods are available. Intelligent recognition technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, and graphic recognition can transform large amounts of unstructured data into structured data in a more accurate and efficient way. Voiceprint recognition, face recognition and other biometric technologies can align these data to people in the interaction, thus ensuring the authenticity and security of the data. We believe that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the interactive data between people will be refined, mined and managed with an increasing demand rate.

VoiceCyber adhere to continuous innovate based on customer needs, and at the same time willingly to explore multi-dimensional cooperation with partners. From the perspective of users, we constantly challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves. VoiceCyber will promote innovation and collaboration across the whole industry and continue to create value for customers.


Company Milestone

  • Digitalize analog phone recording, VCLog v1.0
    China first DSP digital recording technology and R&D company, completed VCLog v1.0
  • B+D digital phone recording, VCLog v2.0
    China first digital phone recording system VCLog v2.0, breaking up the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in this product category
    Established branch office in Hong Kong to develop Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan market
  • VoIP phone recording, VCLog v3.0
    China first VoIP phone recording system VCLog v3.0, breaking up the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in this product category
    Independent intellectual property of contact center quality inspection solution, CPCe v1.0. Officially entering contact center management application category.
  • Based in China, focus on Asia, VCLog v6.0
    Becoming sole certified recording system vendor of Huawei. Becoming OEM vendor of Tadiran and NEC, entering overseas market.
    Established branch office in Kuala Lumpur and Japan to enter Asia market, collaborating with channel partners in more than 10 Asian countries
  • Artificial Intelligence technology empowered products
    Launched MiniNoise noise reduction product, launched high-density IP data pre-processing solution
    Launched contact center intelligent bridging system IBAE, to integrate with various artificial intelligence analysis engines
    Completed the substitution of imported products for financial institutions such as Ping An, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Taikang, CPIC, and CGB
  • Focus on customer interaction intelligent management
    Voice, video and screen recording system, VClog v10.0
    Voice, video and screen recording PC super client application, SoIP v3.0
    AI engine intelligent bridging system, IBAE v1.0
    Contact center intelligent quality inspection system, ICCM v2.0
    Counter voice and video recording application, MoIP v5.0
    Repositioned company’s development focus to “Customer interaction intelligent management”


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